About Ngoh

From an early age, Ngoh would hear, albeit helplessly, the daily practise routine of his father on the 椰胡(ye-hu) he made. Continued listening to repeated shrills and sometimes squeaking riffs from this instrument is detrimental to one's sanity. The down side, is that, his father got good over time. So good, that he was once invited to perform in Taiwan, with his Hokkien Opera group, which he declined, due to fear of flying.

Another "annoying occupation" his father had, seem to be making sawdust and hand-filing noise at the end of our kitchen, where he would be working in his makeshift "workshop" crafting away his own 椰胡. Player/maker if you like.

Somethings are taught, somethings are caught.

Ngoh decided to make his "father's business", his pre-occupation, and his life work.